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In the last 14 years I've applied human-centered design across variety of industries. I've burned the midnight oil at agencies. I've run my own consultancy. I've worked at small, quirky tech companies and large hyper-growth tech companies. I've participated in two IPOs, and was the first product designer at an innovative Blockchain startup acquired by Coinbase in 2021.

I'm a multidisciplinary designer bringing experiences to life through collaboration. 


Webby Award (2015)

RetialMeNot iPhone App

Webby Award (2015)

FreshDirect iPad App

.Net Awards (2015)

Shortlist: Best Online Portfolio

Gold ADDY (2012)

Interactive Best of Show: Mizuno USA


Parsons School of Design (2016, 2017, 2019)

Interaction design portfolio review panelist

Dribbble NYC Meetup (2016)

Design panelist

Etsy (2015)

Design Family Hour speaker

Fordham University (2015)

Interaction design class lecture

How I approach broad problem spaces holistically with Adobe.


What led me to design, a typical day as a consultant, and tips for aspiring designers.


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Throughout my career, I've been drawn to ambiguous problem spaces without obvious solutions. I deeply enjoy being surrounded by raw ingredients and missing puzzle pieces, seeking imaginative minds to shape what could be. You can find my musings in The Garden.

Experiences leading research, workshops, and studying behavioral psychology developed in me a deep fascination with humans. People inspire me with their hopes, their challenges, and their unique curiosities.


My aim is to foster creative spaces where design is a catalyst for expansive thinking that changes the world.

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