I'm Erin Nolan

I'm a digital product designer, web3 educator, and lifelong learner. I love sharing knowledge to help others discover new interests and build welcoming communities.

Product design is a form of psychology and friendship. It's a practice of deeply understanding people's needs and motivations—of noticing obstacles and articulating challenges.


Good design makes the unfamiliar feel less daunting while making the familiar feel fresh. It meets people where they are and gets them where they want to be.

My approach to design is centered around people

I've designed products for companies that millions of people use daily


Webby (2015)

RetialMeNot iPhone App

Webby (2015)

FreshDirect iPad App

.Net Awards (2015)

Shortlist: Best Online Portfolio

Regional Gold ADDY (2012)

Interactive Best of Show: Mizuno USA


Parsons School of Design (2016, 2017, 2019)

Interaction design class guest critic

Dribbble NYC Meetup (2016)


Etsy (2015)

Design Team Family Hour speaker

Fordham University (2015)

Interaction design class guest lecture

Erin Nolan on Adobe Live

Live demonstration sharing how to design a plant-care app for mobile and tablet using Adobe XD.


Interface Lovers interview

What led me to design, a typical day as a freelance product designer, and tips for aspiring designers.


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Erin Nolan is a digital product designer & web3 educator working on Coinbase Wallet.

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