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How to create a POAP

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

POAPs are special NFTs that represent your participation in an event or milestone

POAP stands for "proof of attendance protocol" and with no gas fees, they are free to create and free to collect on

They're fun to create for people who attend events like classes, conferences, and twitter spaces.

When I hosted a virtual drawing class for the Noodle NFT community, I designed a POAP for attendees to celebrate their achievement and participation.

Erin's blind contour class for Noodles NFT
Erin's blind contour class for Noodles NFT

Below I'll share how to create your own POAP using the Noodles Artiste as an example!

Step 1: Design the artwork

Erin's Noodle Artiste POAP design
Erin's Noodle Artiste POAP design


  • 500 x 500px

  • Must be a circle

  • Transparent background

  • PNG or APNG format

How to create type in a circle for a badge:


Make sure your artwork is cropped all the way to the edge. Extra space between your art and the edge of the frame will create a white band around the POAP.

Step 2: Submit your POAP for approval

Go to to upload your artwork and event details.

Enter the event details:

  • Event name

  • Description

  • Date

  • Website (if applicable)

  • Upload artwork (this can't be changed)

  • Email they will contact you with

  • Number of codes you'll need (Note: you can always request more codes later!)

Submit your POAP for approval.

Step 3: Check your email

It can take up to 24 hours to receive the codes for your event, so plan ahead and try to get everything finalized at least a day beforehand.

Email 1: "New POAP event created"

POAP submission confirmation email
Email 1: POAP submission confirmation

This email includes a link to manage your POAP details and a secret code for edit access.

Email 2: "POAP QR links"

Email 2: codes to mint your POAP
Email 2: codes to mint your POAP

This email includes the codes you requested as individual links in an attached .txt file. Each link is redeemable for a single POAP.

Step 4: Choose a distribution method

After you receive the email with your POAP mint links you have a few options for distributing them.

Jump to a method below to get detailed instructions and pros/cons of each:

Important note: You can only choose one distribution method at a time, so if you change your mind the previous method will no longer work, and you'll have to wait for the new method to be approved.

Read more about the distribution options and their pros and cons.

Option 1: Share mint links 1-by-1


  • Open the .txt file from email 2

  • Copy and paste an individual mint link to each attendee (this can be done through email, slack, discord, twitter, etc)

  • Alternatively, if you trust your group you can create a google spreadsheet with all the unique links that attendees can mark off as "used" once they get the POAP


  • Very secure, and you know that only the attendees who actually participated will get their POAP

  • Fastest and most foolproof method for small groups where you know their contact info


  • Time consuming for large groups and requires that you know their contact info

Option 2: Create a website


  • Go to

  • Enter your Event Name or Event ID

  • Enter the special edit code from email 1

  • Enter the event info (start and end date will determine when the site allows minting POAPs)

  • Wait for POAP to email you (~1-2 hours) with the live site

  • Anyone with the URL can mint a single POAP until the number of mints you approved for the event runs out (but you can always add more later)

  • Test the URL to ensure it's working properly before your event

Pros of website method:

  • You only have to send a single URL to the group for them to access minting

Cons of website method:

  • Takes another 1-2 hours for approval

  • If someone leaks the URL then people (or bots) who weren't at your event could claim them

  • If you enable a setting that prevents bots from claiming, people are forced to play long games to prove they're human, which can be frustrating when trying to redeem

  • Prone to error—make sure you test!

Stuck? Read full instructions on how to create a POAP website.

Option 3: Create a QR code


  • Go to the POAP Magic QR Code Dispenser

  • Upload the .txt file from email 2

  • Wait 1-2 hours for the QR code to be emailed to you

  • Attendees can access a unique POAP mint link by scanning the QR code with their camera

  • Test the QR code to ensure it's working properly before your event

Pros of QR code method:

  • Good for large events

  • Quick and doesn't require them to type a URL

  • Doesn't require you to know their contact information or keep track of links yourself

Cons of QR code method:

  • Takes another 1-2 hours for approval

  • Requires more steps to set up and can be overkill for small groups

  • Prone to error—make sure you test!

Stuck? Read full instructions on how to create POAP QR codes.

Congratulations! You now have a POAP that anyone can see on the blockchain!

To view your POAP details:

  • Go to

  • Scroll down to the "Explore" section

  • Search for your event name / ID

  • Click on your event

To view your personal POAP collection:

Thanks for reading and I hope this inspires you to start your own POAP collection!


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