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Making space for the unexpected

Updated: May 22, 2023

My first seedling is an audio clip that I recorded while walking around in Seattle. It was one of the first Spring days after a long, grey winter and I was feeling inspired by an experience I had been mulling over from the ACE hotel in Portland.

In this clip you'll hear thoughts on design and:

  • 🐂 Oregon Trail and Vinyl Records

  • 💎 Facilitating curiosity over consumption

  • 🌎 The context of your environment

  • 🗺️ Creating an easy way to get started

  • 🍦 Hidden treats and their delicious details

Speaking of hidden gems...

Did you know that vinyl records can be FILLED WITH LIQUID!? I discovered this and many more hidden gems on this youtube video.

After recording this clip and publishing the post, I created this visual to represent the joy of curiosity.

I've also been intrigued by quantum entanglement recently. Mainly because I think the words sound really cool together, but it also makes me think of the collective conscious between interdisciplinary artists.

Side note: This is a space where I invite fellow artists, makers, and designers to explore what happens when we combine our passions. My greatest hope is that something here will inspire you to have an idea and bring a creation to life!

Did this audio clip inspire you to create? Like what you might ask... here are some ideas!

  • 🖼️ Visual collage about your day or recent inspiration

  • 🎛️ Short story about your first Vinyl or CD

  • 💬 Conversation with friends about something that fascinates you


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